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Who we are

Pupi Solari, born in 1927, Ligurian by birth, Milanese by adoption.

With more than 50 years of activity behind her, at 97 she boasts a still active career supported by her almost all-female team.

Since 2018, her son Andrea has joined her in the administrative management of the company and her granddaughter Margherita in the creative direction of the collections and in the social and website management.

“He opened a children's shop in Largo V Alpini in Milan in 1969. Nine years later, in 1978 it moved to Piazza Tommaseo and the women's department joined the children's department with 6 windows. In 1991 the men's department called HOST (named after the Host-Ivessich children) also joined the shop windows, thus becoming 11. Over the years, a children's boutique also opened in Genoa..”

“The shop windows are held up as an example for their rigorous creativity and elegance, which is never predictable. It is a multi-brand store but its personality in its choices and their homogeneity makes it identify as a single-brand store. First of all to anticipate the fashion of receiving, with a small tea room inside the shop. . “

Pupi Solari is known for her ability to see details and distort everything around her until she reaches her goal, the choice of colors she uses seems almost magic in the eyes of the beholder.

In 2018 he finally decided to sell the women's and men's departments in Milan and the children's shop in Genoa to dedicate himself entirely to the Pupi Solari Bambino boutique in Milan.


Our brands:
Mariella Ferrari
Nicoletta Fanna